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Letter to Professor Charles Xavier.

[personal profile] griot 2015-07-13 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
(ooc: backdated to before the news report log)

Professor Xavier.

I would not be contacting you if this situation were not dire, but if you can help me control my power, I can use it to fight the “District X” virus, but at the same time my power has done harm despite my best wishes.

I am Viti DeFalco, and my power has allowed me to know that people have died of the “District X” virus, and this will be reported in the news soon. My power has also informed me that at least one of the X-men who went into District X has the virus, even if it didn’t tell me who it was. For these reasons I know my power can potentially be used to fight this virus, but I have little control over it, and therefore my power is dangerous.

Without me trying or even knowing, my power has been prying into the secrets of everyone I interact with. Several people have already been hurt. I must confess, that I would not even be writing you this letter if it were not for a life or death situation, because, even this letter may trigger my power to spy on you, so please teach me how to use it.

I know you are a man of many grave concerns, but teaching me to use powers will address one of them. Professor Shulk has already worked with me to better understand my powers, but he and I cannot work fast enough to stop the virus.

Please, before the virus hurts anyone else, before I hurt anyone else, help me through this conundrum.

Best Regards.

Viti DeFalco
koukai_kirai: (Are the ones that he deals)

2 - Phone call to Hank

[personal profile] koukai_kirai 2015-07-18 06:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Hank? It's Hijikata. Got a student outside near the boys' dormitory who may need medical attention. Says he's feeling "rundown," looks like Hell.
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E-mail to Dr. McCoy

[personal profile] griot 2015-07-21 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Hello Dr. McCoy

I am Viti DeFalco, and I just talked with Liir Thropp about his condition.
Liir's ability to transform into animals may be useful for saving him from
the District X virus, depending on the temperature sensitivity of the virus.
Some viruses like HIV and rabies, can only affect mammals do to these viruses
being very temperature sensitive. If this is true of the district X virus,
then he can transform into an animal with an optimal body temperature that
is ill fit for the virus, and save his life.

So what temperature range does this virus require to function? (IC)

(ooc this is the conversation Viti is talking about.
Also I am sorry for using the dreamwidth messenger service.)