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  • September 1st Opening Day! No classes are scheduled, however students will be moving in to their new dorms and acquainting themselves with their new roommates as well as the faculty and staff of the school!

  • September 8th - 12th Club Week! Time for students to get organized into various special interest groups, extra curricular activities, and maybe even some X-Team tryouts for ambitious folks ready to start a team!

  • September 21st International Day of Peace

  • September 22nd President Robert Kelly plans to address the nation.

  • September 25th Our first activity check. It will just be a check in for this month, but be sure to make note of our activity rules anyways!

  • OCTOBER 2014

  • October 4th Reserves open!

  • October 7th Reserves end! Also, this is "Bald and Free Day"! Celebrate your favorite bald people! Basically this is an excuse to harass Charles over his shiny shiny dome.

  • October 8th Apps open!

  • October 11th National Coming Out Day. A perfect day for pro-mutant activism and related player plots. Reserves also expire this day

  • October 15th Applications close.

  • October 17th Wear Something Gaudy Day. Yellow spandex, anyone?

  • October 25th Make a Difference Day. Another pro-activist day that can be used for pro-mutant player plots, if interested. Activity Check period begins this day as well.

  • October 31st HALLOWEEN! Game-related spooky events to be determined at this time.

  • NOVEMBER 2014

  • November 3rd Reserves open!

  • November 4th The general election day for the United States, specifically the Mid-Term elections. Will Graydon Creed's ambitions come to fruition?

  • November 5th Guy Fawkes Night, or an excuse to light things on fire, anyways. Remember, remember...

  • November 8th Apps open!

  • November 13th Sadie Hawkins day! While there will be no formal dance to accompany it (two in so little time is a bit much), female characters are encouraged to ask out their sweethearts!

  • November 15th Applications close.

  • November 18th Occult day! If you thought Halloween was spooky...

  • November 22nd National Adoption Awareness Day. Given the origin stories of a lot of the characters in the game, this is probably a pretty important day...

  • November 25th ACTIVITY CHECK BEGINS.

  • November 27th American Thanksgiving. The school will be putting on a huge feast and promote a sense of togetherness and family among the students and faculty. After all, for a lot of them, they're all they've got.

  • DECEMBER 2014

  • December 3rd Reserves open!

  • December 8th Apps open!

  • December 10th UN recognized Human Rights Day. A day dedicated to promotion and awareness of various human rights struggles globally. Has recently been adapted by mutant rights activists as well.

  • December 10th through 14th FINALS WEEK! All classes have their finals assigned during this period. Hope you studied...

  • December 15th Applications close.

  • December 16th through 25th Hanukkah! While a faith based holiday, it's also considered a national period of celebration in Genosha, as the old Jewish narrative has been adapted to their modern struggles as a young nation.

  • December 23rd Festivus Day! A secular seasonal holiday developed as an alternative to the religious themed holidays. And yes, it was inspired by a sitcom. What of it?

  • December 25th Christmas! Once again, events will be planned for the game for characters who logically would not return home or have no home to return to over the holiday.

  • December 26th Boxing Day. A holiday that started in Britain which encourages charity heading into the new year.