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A large tiled courtyard leads to the main entrance of the Mansion, in the center of which is the Jean Grey Memorial Statue. A large, plush foyer splinters off into various rooms. Straight through the foyer is the hyperlift, an elevator that leads to the Restricted Access Sub-Levels and the Administration Wing, where the offices of the Headmaster, Principal, and Vice-Principal are located.

Access to the back is gained through various points, the main entrance being the kitchen. Located at the rear of the estate is an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball court, and numerous paths to Breakstone Lake. Each of these facilities are for students, faculty, and X-Men.

Devil's Rock is the exit and entry point for the X-Men's aircraft, the Blackbird, with additional vehicles located beneath the basketball court. Upon departure and landing, a klaxon will sound warning for anyone nearby to vacate the area. Students are advised to move immediately, once the klaxon sounds.

On the east side of the building is a large hedge maze. And located behind that is the Girl's Dormitory. Behind the mansion's "center" tower, so to speak, is the Boy's Dormitory. On the west side of the building their is a full-sized baseball diamond, complete with spectator stands, scoreboards and commentator stand.

Classrooms, canteen, and the library are all located in the "center tower" of the mansion. Scattered throughout the ground floor are various rooms and halls, such as a large ballroom that occupies the domed structure near the rear of the building, the students' recreation room, and various other game and computer rooms. Also located on the ground floor is the nurse's office, a ground-level medical lab which anyone can access. It is run by the medical staff of Xavier's.

On the edge of Breakstone Lake, a boathouse was constructed. Although the mansion and underground bunker are significantly advanced, the boathouse is simple in design. The boathouse only contains communication technology, linking it to the mansion and bunker.

Forests, farmland, and lakefront surround and isolate the entire estate for miles, with the nearest town being Salem Center. Salem Center is incredibly upscale, with the stores and restaurants reflecting as much.


While a large portion of classrooms are also on the second floor, it is dedicated mainly to the quarters of faculty, staff, and X-Men. Aside from the quarters, there are laundry facilities, a workshop, and a recreation area that is strictly for staff and faculty. Access beyond the classroom halls on this floor is limited to those with special passes or accompaniment by a staff member.

Adorning the top of the mansion is a large glass-paneled dome. Storm's personal quarters are located here, due to her preference of the spacious attic room. Much of it has been adapted for her use and filled with various types of plants, similar to a greenhouse.


In addition to the campus grounds, the Xavier Institute also houses an array of restricted access Sub-Levels. In the sub-levels are The Danger Room, War Room, Hangar Bay, holding cells, research and development labs, medical labs and Cerebro chamber. Voice-activated hallway icons give interactive directions through the facility, though those are restricted to the sub-levels. The hyperlift at the end of the hallway in the foyer is used to access the sub-levels, coupled with various security measures such as hand scans, retina scans, voice scans and passcodes. Access to the sub-levels is only available to faculty, X-Men, and students -- although students are only granted access once they have spoken to their faculty adviser.

The Danger Room consists of two parts, the Danger Room itself and the Control Room, which is housed above the Danger Room. To the untrained eye, the Danger Room is a featureless room. To those who are (un)fortunate enough to engage its systems, it is the ultimate battle simulator. It employed highly advanced technologies from numerous sources, modified for use by Beast and outside contractors.

The Danger Room pits its opponents against an array of physical and holographic opponents that test a trainee's mastery over their mutant powers to peak endurance. Using the advanced technologies, the Danger Room can give the illusion of being many times bigger than it actually is. Anything from gravity, heat, humidity, or texture can be manipulated from the control booth.

NOTE: Students are not permitted to be in the Danger Room unless accompanied and supervised by an instructor or X-Man. The Danger Room has earned its name, and use can result in serious injury, even in controlled circumstances.

To most people, the Cerebro Chamber is a big, round room. To those who actually know what it is, it is no less than amazing. The Cerebro chamber houses Cerebro, a mutant locating and telepathic ability amplifier. When a telepath uses Cerebro, their telepathic abilities are boosted to an incredible degree. It is usually used for scanning for new mutants, but it can be used for other purposes, such as tracking an individual or group. A non-telepath can also use the Cerebro machine, although this is not recommended, unless they are trained, because they may experience various degrees of psychic trauma.

The holding cells are an underground storage facility for those villains that the X-Men deemed too unsafe to let roam about freely, or at least to be held until they can be picked up by an authority like SHIELD. The cells consist of small titanium-steel cells, with the same type of door. Various safety measures are taken, such as erecting an internal force field to back up the titanium-steel walls, an inertion field to 'nullify' mutant abilities, and various other systems. There are also stasis tubes, which hold inhabitants in a state of suspended animation until they are awakened.

The War Room is located near the Danger Room. It is the 'operating center' of the X-Men, where briefings are given, missions are planned, and meetings take place. There are various computers and monitors around the War Room, each with their own function. The War Room monitors news feeds from every news network on television and radio, and scans every known frequency, for reports on events occurring around the world. Thanks to the artificially intelligent computer program Cerebro running throughout the mansion, the X-Men do not need to scan 24/7. If Cerebro picks up something, it will notify the X-Men through their comm links.

In addition to all of these, the Research & Development Labs are also located in the sub-levels. These labs are usually used by Dr. Henry McCoy and other medically-trained mansion staff. Beast's own personal lab and the medical lab are equipped with tele-immersive displays. This is also where new armor, weapons, and other devices are developed for use by the X-Teams in their missions.

The Hangar Bay is just that, an underground area for the storage of the X-Men's aircraft, notably the Blackbird. The exit and entry points for the Blackbird are located at Devil's Rock, with additional vehicle access located beneath the basketball court. A klaxon will sound to warn anyone nearby to evacuate the area. Students, faculty, and X-Men are advised to move immediately.