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This post is for requesting approval for player run plots. Plots that might have an effect on a significant number of players/characters and/or involve significant NPC involvement. One can also use this post to request a thread or CR or background inclusion from a specific NPC. Note that not all player plots require permission here. We understand this is pretty subjective, so here are some basic guidelines to help.

Some sample player plots you would need approval:
  • Events that would involve a good portion of the school, such as student-suggested field trips.
  • Solo-student missions or student-led missions (they would both require X-Team approval and possible supervision)
Some player plots that would NOT need approval:
  • Pranks that only affect a single classroom or a handful of students
  • Study groups or after-hours events, provided it doesn't lead to anything major (ie, the school being attacked)
Keep in mind that this is just to regulate things that effect large portions of the game. We want everyone to have a chance to have their fun. Plots will likely only ever be rejected on grounds that they force the game into a game-breaking scenario or otherwise create an awkward or un-fun environment for the majority of players.

Comments are screened. Replies are not. Please let us know if you want your initial comment to remain screened, so as not to spoil any surprises.

Please fill out this form:

Please allow at least a month for response. If you've waited more than a month, contact the mods. Above all else, please remember that it is highly important to plan any plot you wish to do that needs approval well in advance. A number of factors can delay a potential plot, so please be prompt! At least a month in advance should work for large scale plots. Thank you!