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After the Phoenix Incident, most of the X-Men were spread out, separated, and disenfranchised. Others remained in New York to help rebuild, while some went to Washington and abroad to help with the political tensions. SCOTT SUMMERS has largely disappeared. He's not been heard from since and Xavier chose not to pursue. He had his own issues to sort out following Jean's death. He'd come home when he was ready. EMMA FROST also departed from the school to establish her own, specifically an all girl's school. She still sends her most exceptional students to Xavier, but for the most part, she is valuing her independence from the X-Men and doing her own thing. LAUREN ATKINSON's connections to the Brotherhood and Genosha made it impossible for her to stay in the country, and was considered a fugitive even as the rest of the X-Men's names were cleared of any wrong doing. She apologized to Xavier for serving as Magneto's spy in his midst, and he chose to allow her to flee back to Genosha rather than face incarceration and potential politically motivated interrogations. Her involvement with the school was stricken from the records and cast into the fog of obscurity. The remaining senior staff are as follows:

Charles Xavier ([personal profile] herald_the_dream)

CODENAME: Professor X
MUTANT ABILITY: Omega Class Telepathy
SPECIALTY: Genetics; Locating and Identifying Mutants
A child prodigy with Ph.D.s in Genetics, Biophysics, Psychology, Anthropology, and Psychiatry, Charles Xavier is also possibly the most powerful telepath on Earth. Since his youth, he has taken an active role in mutant rights, speaking openly about mutants and their place in the world. His activism paved the way for his opening of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, in order to protect, teach, and train other mutants for a world not quite ready for them.

Xavier’s personal experiences with other mutants, as well as bigoted humans, also led him to create the X-Men, a team of mutant heroes tasked to protect both humans and mutants from aggressors on both sides of the genetic divide. Until an incident in the field cost him the use of his legs, Xavier led the X-Men in many of their adventures; now, he oversees the school full-time, acting as an advisor for the team, but trusting in his former students to continue on in his stead.

Xavier’s dream of a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants, along with his patience with others, his optimism, and his tireless work towards his goal, has endeared him, both in the public eye, and among his students, many of whom regard him as a father figure and guiding hand. In turn, Xavier feels that many of them are like the children he never had, and treats them as family rather than students.

In the five years since the Phoenix Incident, Xavier has focused purely on rebuilding the school and gathering up its scattered remnants, both literally and metaphorically. He has sent a call out to those who left to return and to aid the new generation who are entering a world possibly more dangerous than the one they had been severed from five years ago. He can sense a growing danger.

Ororo Munroe ([personal profile] blesstherains)
School Principal

MUTANT ABILITY: Weather manipulation, flight
SPECIALTY: Leadership; Human/Mutant Relations
Orphaned at an early age on the streets of Cairo, Ororo Munroe was destined for an extraordinary life. Born from a line of African princesses, the young Ororo was taken in by a master thief and raised among his wards, shown surprising kindness from a group of pickpockets. She first encountered Charles Xavier during this time, having stolen from him, though his effects were eventually returned to him. At the time, the encounter was mere passing. Eventually, the young mutant would leave the care of her mentor and wander south, determined to find a place for herself.

Eventually, she found herself in Kenya, and settled into a small village under the care of Ainet, one of the elders, who sensed Ororo’s potential. When frustration at the village’s dry season brought Ororo to first discover her mutant powers of weather manipulation, Ainet helped her learn to control the awesome forces now at her command, without upsetting the balance of nature. Eventually, many of the local tribes prospered due to her influence on the weather patterns, and she came to be worshipped as a goddess.

As years passed, she was eventually contacted by Charles Xavier, who recognized her as the young girl he’d once encountered, and offered to teach her more about her powers, and how to use them to benefit the world, her tribesmen included. Finally feeling she might find her true place in the world, she agreed to accompany him back to America and join him, both at his school, and as a member of the X-Men.

Storm’s regal bearing, calm demeanor, and sense of responsibility have molded her into an incredible leader in the field, as well as a teacher and mentor to other mutants. Her kindness has made her an immediate friend to many of the X-Men, and her powers have made her respected even by her enemies. Even Xavier has admitted that he cannot imagine the X-Men without Ororo among them.

Ororo has now taken over duties as the Xavier Insitute's Principal now that it's re-opened. Her leadership skills have been proven in the past, and right now she only hopes to make her friend Jean proud. Though she might not be as prepared as she hoped for the trying task of wrangling this pack of super powered hellions...

Hank McCoy ([personal profile] bluishgreymatter)
Senior Staff/Science Department Head

MUTANT ABILITY: Superhuman strength, speed and agility; animal-like physiology
SPECIALTY: Genetics; Human/Mutant Relations
Born to a loving family, Hank McCoy’s mutation was one of the few apparent at birth. With a larger skeletal frame and oversized hands and feet, Hank had an awkward look to him that caused him to seek solace in education as a child, avoiding the jibes of his peers. However, high school proved to be a turning point, as his enhanced strength, speed, and agility made him an athletic marvel, and earned him the nickname ‘The Beast’ when playing high school football. Academically, he continued to excel, earning the attention of Xavier, who offered him a place at the school. Hank accepted, the chance for higher-level courses proving to be much more of a draw than early graduation and a football scholarship.

As The Beast, Hank proved to be a valuable member of the X-Men, providing equal helpings of brains, brawn, and brevity to any mission. He became a favorite among his teammates and fellow students, and even Xavier considered him closer to an equal than a student. After some years spent at the school, Hank graduated with the highest honors, and continued on to a Ph.D. in biophysics and a job with the Brand Corporation, working on isolating the hormone that caused mutations. An incident involving his research resulted in Hank mutating further, enhancing his existing abilities and gaining accelerated healing, but also physically altering him, resulting in more bestial features, including an apelike stance, sharpened canines, and his entire body being covered in blue fur.

Initially attempting to hide his new form, Hank learned to embrace it and, with that, returned to the Institute as a teacher, embracing his new role as one of the ‘faces’ of mutants. Despite the adversity, Hank continues to be a gentle, positive figure, at once charming, intellectual, and personable. A true friend to all those around him, Hank continues to work towards Xavier’s goals, as much for the good of all as for his own personal peace of mind.

For the last five years, he has spent most of his time helping Xavier rebuild, especially the more high tech parts of the Institute. Cerebro has been completely refitted and upgraded, along with the Danger Room, the Blackbird, and the entirety of the sublevels, as well as the technology used for teaching classes. The Xavier Institute is now far out on the cutting edge of technology, both in education and in defense. All thanks to the Beast's beautiful mind.

Logan ([personal profile] legendarybub)
Senior Staff/Athletic Department Head

CODENAME: Wolverine
MUTANT ABILITY: Healing Factor; Adamantium skeleton
SPECIALTY: Combat/Tactics/Survival
His past an intentional mystery, Logan is a long-lived man of a hard life, having served as a soldier to many countries and in many engagements. A product of clandestine government operations, Logan is considered by some to be a super-soldier, and by others a berserker killer. The truth is both, and neither, as in the end he is just a man looking for both his past, and his place in the present. What is known is that he is a mutant, possessed of enhanced senses and a superhuman healing factor that counteracts aging and allows him to heal from even seemingly mortal wounds. He also possesses retractable claws on each hand, given a further edge when his claws and bones were coated in an unbreakable metal alloy by a mystery agency.

Logan, under the codename Wolverine, first met Xavier through his operations as an agent of the Canadian government. While Xavier extended an offer to Logan to join the school, it was dismissed, as Logan claimed himself ‘too old for school.’ After a few years, they would encounter each other again, during a period where Logan had grown tired of the bureaucracy that governed his job. He left and accompanied Xavier back, joining not as a student, but as an X-Man directly. While he didn’t get along with his teammates, he continued on as a member, proving himself time and again to fight for Xavier’s cause, even if his methods were completely different.

While rough and a loner, Logan is incredibly loyal, never once leaving the team since first joining. While his drinking, smoking, and general bad attitude are often criticized, they are often overlooked in the face of his determination, and his heart. Despite having killed many times in his life, Xavier took a chance on him, seeing that Logan is an honorable man, who only needed to find the right cause to put himself behind.

Logan was one of the stars that scattered in the wake of the Phoenix Incident. However, unlike Scott, he returned at Xavier's call. He'd had five years to mourn and to search himself, and in that time, he realized that Jean would have wanted him to remain at the school. To pass his knowledge and skills on to a new generation. To protect her legacy...

Kurt Wagner ([personal profile] teufelskerl)
Senior Staff/Social Sciences Department Head

CODENAME: Nightcrawler
MUTANT ABILITY: Teleportation, 'devil'-like physical mutation, wall climbing
SPECIALTY: Espionage, sociology, swashbuckling
Born in Bavaria to a mutant mother, Kurt Wagner was shunned at birth due to his having blue skin, pointed ears, fangs, and a long pointed tail. Baroness Wagner herself was revealed as a mutant after she gave birth to Kurt, and the pair were chased by an angry mob. Fleeing to the nearby falls, Baroness Wagner threw the infant Kurt over the edge and fled. Kurt was saved by his natural father, the enigmatic being known as Azazel, and given into the care of Margali Szardos, a sorceress and Romani leader.

Margali took baby Kurt to the small Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortune teller as a cover for her activities as a sorceress. Kurt was never legally adopted by anyone, but was raised by all the members of the circus, who had no prejudices against "freaks". Kurt grew up happily in the circus. During his formative years Kurt exhibited tremendous natural agility, and quickly became the circus's star acrobat and trapeze artist with audiences assuming that he was simply a normal human dressed in a demon costume.

The villagers of the nearby town of Winzeldorf, however, discovered Kurt after he stopped the perpetrator in a series of murders and assumed him to be a demon who was responsible for the killings. They cornered Kurt in the town and were about to kill him when they were all psionically paralyzed by Professor Charles Xavier, who had come to recruit Kurt into his team of mutant super-heroes known as the X-Men. He has been with them ever since, serving excellently over the years and endearing himself to his friends and comrades.

Kurt was originally just the head of the school theatre department, as far as his faculty duties went, but the last five years have called on him to step up and join the school's senior staff in addition to being an active X-Man. While he still passionately guides his students to perform and to explore, he's also redirected that passion into the expanding of the school's social sciences programing. He still occasionally dresses like a pirate.

Martha Johansson ([personal profile] no_girl)
Grade 10, Security Systems Admin

MUTANT ABILITY: Telepathy, telekinesis
SPECIALTY: Non-violent neutralization of threats, networking
Martha Johansson was born to a family that hated mutants. She ran away from home when it became apparent she was one, knowing her parents would never accept her. She wrote a letter to them explaining her reasoning in her own bio-luminescent blood, explaining the situation. It was a dramatic decision, but she knew she would never find happiness in such a bigoted home. Instead she tried to seek out others like her, fellow outcasts and mutants.

Unfortunately, her journey did not last very long. Little did Martha know that the very mutation that made her so unique was slowly killing her, the bio-luminescent fluids having an incredibly toxic effect on her body. She managed to find a hospital willing to treat mutant runaways, but there wasn't much they could do to prevent the inevitable. Even with a transfusion, her mutation would cause her body to constantly produce the toxic materials that were destroying her.

In accepting her fate to die, she realized that having glowing blood was not the only mutant power she had. That same blood unlocked her telepathic abilities, and magnified them to a tremendous level. In her mental projections, she found other people in the hospital facing similar fates, and used the mental realms she could create to comfort them in their last days. Martha became very popular among the other terminal patients... including one John Sublime, who was recently saved by an organ transplant himself.

John Sublime perfected the means that would keep Martha alive and prevent such a wonderful person from perishing to the darkness. A specialized technology and regiment of special drugs that would keep at least her brain alive. She lost her body in the process, but Martha found herself not really missing it, since it had caused her nothing but pain. And with her powers, she could project herself a new body. It was essentially a mental hologram, but it allowed her to interact with others, and accompany Sublime in his work, forever grateful to him for saving her life.

When Sublime went off the deep end and started up the U-Men, Martha started to have her doubts about her savior. She wanted to help him, but she lacked the ability to show him through his own fears and insanity. She could no longer keep him from making the grave mistakes that eventually lead him to attack the Xavier Institute and wind up imprisoned by SHIELD. To make up for the damage caused by her mentor, Martha joined the X-Men, attending the school as a student and managing their security systems.

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